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Here at Chem-Dry Hoedspruit, we are more than just a cleaning company owing to the fact that we care about our customers’ carpets and upholstery and treat it with the utmost care. In addition to this, here at Chem-Dry we believe that the best way to restore water damaged carpets, remove pet odour, and to remove stains is through the use of natural products. In fact, Chem-Dry Hoedspruit prides itself on being one of the few cleaning companies that are green certified.

At Chem-Dry Hoedspruit are very aware that, between deep-carpet cleans, accidents do happen and sometimes there quite simply is not enough time to organize an appointment. It is for this reason that our team has a wide range of professional products that can be used in the case of accidents in order to keep your carpets and upholstery looking brand new!

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The formula consists of concentrated ingredients that are trusted by some of the most renowned cleaning professionals. This product works quickly and is able to cut through some of the toughest stains on a number of different textures such as auto-interiors, colour-fast carpets and upholstery. In addition to this, this product is different from other products on the market as it is guaranteed not to leave behind a residue that could further attract dirt.

Our range includes the following products:

  • Chem-Dry’s Pet Odour Remover: Perhaps one of the drawbacks of having a family pet is the odour that sometimes lingers. We at Chem-dry have developed an innovative product that aims to reduce pet odour so that your living space remains fresh for you to entertain guests without embarrassment. This product is unique as it can be applied to stains that are as old as 5 days.
  • Chem-Dry’s Dust Mite Anti-Allergen: If you and your loved ones are prone to allergies and asthma, this could stem from an allergic reaction to dust mites that may be lurking in your upholstery and carpets. Our Dust Mite Anti-Allergen is incredibly versatile and may be applied to carpets, mattresses, bedding as well as upholstery. It is packaged in 557 ml cans.
  • Chem-Dry’s Lemon Grove Carpet Deodorizer: Unfortunately, carpets have a tendency to fade in colour and to retain odours. It is for this reason that Chem-Dry has developed a lemon-scented deodorizer with a soil-resistant coating that not only maintains your carpet, but neutralizes bad odour leaving your home with a freshly cleaned scent. This product truly is value for money as it is able to clean up to 5 times more surfaces than the standard deodorizer. The product may be purchased in a 385 ml can.
  • Chem-Dry’s Grease and Oil Remover: Grease and oil stains are notoriously difficult to remove and for the environmentally conscious, it is difficult to find a product that does not contain harmful and toxic ingredients. This product is powerful and effective with the removal of difficult stains such as tar, lipstick and adhesives. In addition to this, the product leaves no residue and evaporates with ease.
  • Chem-Dry’s Spot Remover: This is one of the strongest spot removers on the market and it is used by professionals to quickly and effectively remove even the most challenging stains from colour fast carpets and upholstery. Because of the strength of this spot remover, Chem-Dry recommends testing a small and inconspicuous area as not all materials are colour fast. One is encouraged to take the utmost care when applying to inks. Chem-Dry is but a phone call away should you need any assistance.

Your Number One Choice in Carpet, Upholstery Cleaning in the Polokwane and Surrounding Areas!